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Using Herbs for Fertility Q & A

Q- How do whole herbs address fertility differently than drugs?
A- Whole herbs address a variety of fertility problems: hormone imbalance; toxin overload; stress; reproductive obstructions and scarring. They are much different than drug approaches in that they are gentle, generally free of side effects and do not carry serious risks like reproductive cancers like IVF fertility drugs. They do work more slowly than fertility drugs but their body balancing effect can be felt over time and they can produce tangible fertility benefits. A general rule of thumb is to expect one month of healing for every year you’ve  had the problem.

While we must recognize and respect the power of herbal medicines, herbs are really foods with medicinal qualities. As medicine, whole herbs are essentially body balancers that work with the body functions, so that the body can heal and regulate itself.

-Sarah Abernathy

Herbal Consultant

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Using Herbs for Fertility Q & A
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