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Healthy Healing by Dr. Linda Page

Read a step-by-step guide to healing over 400 ailments through diet, whole herbs, and exercise, and learn how herbal supplements helped restore Dr. Linda Page back to optimal health.

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"A wealth of health and healing. A Must for your library."

Elson Haas, M.D.
Author of Staying Healthy with the Seasons, The New Detox Diet and Staying Healthy with Nutrition.

Discover Holistic Health & Wellness

Healthy Healing offers tips on choosing which food to put on your table, which herbal supplements to  assist your body processes, and which stress-relieving techniques to try to encourage natural healing.

Natural remedies work—by themselves or with conventional protocols—for many health concerns, and for more than 25 years, Healthy Healing has proven this philosophy.

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"Another Dr. Linda Page health winner you can trust! Very few people can match her years of experience and expertise."

Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D.
Health pioneer and author of Bragg Vegetarian Health Recipes.