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What is happening to the male libido?

What is happening to the male libido? 1

Thanks for stopping in. This information on sexuality for men is actually over 5 years old, so we wrote some fresh posts using the latest research. 

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We tend to think of men’s libido as overcharged and always ready for action. This may be true for many men. Still, with the advent of erection enhancing drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, there’s no question that a lot of men are looking for new ways to bring back their youthful sexuality. Some sexual problems like occasional erectile dysfunction impotence or reduced libido can actually be a good wake up call that overall health needs a boost. For instance, impotence problems may signal later cardiovascular problems due to poor circulation. A low libido in a man may be a sign of depression, reduced testosterone or , most often, a lackluster diet with little or no fresh fruits and vegetables. All of the factors can be easily improved with healthy diet changes, targeted herbal therapy and regular exercise. Further, sometimes, a man may only need to take a closer look at his prescription medication for the cause of his low libido or erectile dysfunction. Antidepressants, sedatives, high blood pressure medication, and diuretics top the list of drugs that can put a damper on male libido and the ability to achieve an erection.

Are your testosterone levels low?

Around four to five million American men do not produce enough testosterone. Even more worrisome, research shows that most men know very little about testosterone, or how low testosterone levels can affect their health.

Low testosterone signs to watch for: Lack of energy and libido Difficulty concentrating or depression Low sperm count/ Infertility Weakened erections Loss of muscle mass or body hair Increased breast size Bone loss or osteoporosis

Testosterone replacement with bioidentical hormones or transdermal gels is becoming more and more popular for men with this problem, but any type of testosterone replacement should be closely monitored to avoid health risks like hormone-driven prostate or testicular cancer, and side effects like prostate enlargement, acne, head hair loss, fertility problems, and irritability.

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