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Importance of Liver Cleansing

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Your life depends on your liver. To a large extent, the health of your liver determines the health of your entire body. The liver is really a wonderful chemical plant that converts everything we eat, breathe and absorb through the skin into life-sustaining substances. The liver is a major blood reservoir, forming and storing red blood cells, and filtering toxins at a rate of a quart of blood per minute. It manufactures natural antihistamines to keep immune response high.

More than any other organ, the liver enables us to benefit from the food we eat. Without the liver, digestion would be impossible,the conversion of food into living energy nonexistent. The liver is the primary metabolic organ for proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It synthesizes and secretes bile, the substance that insures good food assimilation, and is critical to excreting toxic material from the gastrointestinal tract. Blood flows directly from the intestinal tract to the liver, where it deals with food toxins before they are delivered into our blood. Blood keeps returning to the liver, processing toxins again and again through the lymph system until they are excreted by the bile or kidneys.

Liver congestion and exhaustion interfere with these vital functions. Unfortunately, since the common American diet is high in calories, fats, sugars and alcohol, with unknown amounts of toxins from preservatives, pesticides and nitrates, almost everybody has liver malfunction to some extent. Health problems occur after many years of abuse, when the liver is so exhausted it loses the ability to detoxify itself. Still, your liver has amazing rejuvenative powers, continuing to function when as many as 80% of its cells are damaged. More remarkable, the liver can regenerate its own damaged tissue, so that even in life-threatening situations, like cirrhosis, hepatitis, acute gallstone attacks, mononucleosis or pernicious anemia, the liver can regenerate, and major surgery or even death averted. You can help your liver take a “deep cleansing breath”… something I’ve found you can almost feel as its amazing powers of recovery begin to flow.

A liver detox is the first vital step for the body to begin to heal itself. Gland function and digestion improve right away. You will notice this — fewer cases of swollen glands during cold and flu season, and less lower back fatigue (adrenal swelling). Weight and cellulite control problems often resolve, especially if you’ve had unusual stomach distension, a clear sign of a swollen liver. Food cravings are often reduced. Women notice that PMS and other menstrual difficulties like endometriosis are far less severe because the liver metabolizes excess hormones. Brown skin spots and spots before the eyes (signs that the liver is congested and eliminating poisons by other body avenues) may begin to fade.

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