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How to use Herbs Safely in Herbal Combinations

How to use Herbs Safely in Herbal Combinations 1

How to use Herbs Safely in Herbal Combinations

Your body has its own unique, wonderful mechanism. It has the ability to bring itself to its own bal­anced and healthy state. Herbs simply pave the way for the body to do its own work, by breaking up toxins, cleansing, lubricating, toning and nourishing. Herbs promote elimination of waste matter and toxins from the system by simple natural means. They support nature in its strive for balance. Herbs work better in combination than they do singly. Like the notes of a symphony, herbs work better in harmony than standing alone.

A good herbal formula gives your body a wealth of subtle healing essences from which to choose. Herbs work synergistically together… one and one can make three.

As I formulate an herbal combination, I work from the point of view of the health condition, and I work with the way herbs combine together to get the desired effect, not just the properties of each herb.


  1. Herbs work synergistically and more efficiently in a combination. The value is in the formula, not simply one or two chemicals within it, no matter how potent they are. Synergy plays an important role in safety, too. (Look at what happens when we refine wheat, extract sugar cane, distill alcohol, isolate ephedrine from ephedra or cocaine from coca leaves – incredible health problems for both the user and society.)
  2. A good combination contains two to five primary herbs for specific healing purposes. Since all body parts, and symptoms, are interrelated, it is wise to have herbs which can affect each part of the problem. For example, in a prostate supporting formula, there would be herbs to dissolve sediment, anti-inflammatory herbs, tissue-toning and strengthening herbs, and herbs with immune enhancing properties.
  3. Herbs are foods, full of nutrients… and nutrients always work best as a team. Thus a combination of herbal nutrients gently stimulates the body as a whole, encouraging body balance rather than a large supply of one or two focused properties.
  4. A good combination includes herbs that can work at different stages of need. A good example of this is a PMS formula, which includes herbs for quick  symptom relief, better energy, bloat relief, mood elevation, liver support and long term hormone balance.
  5. A combination of several herbs with similar properties increases the latitude of effectiveness, not only through a wider range of activity, but also by reinforcing herbs that were picked too late or too early, or grew in adverse weather conditions. No two people, or their bodies, are alike. Good response is augmented by a combination of herbs.
  6. Finally, certain herbs, like capsicum, lobelia, sassafras, mandrake, tansy, Canada snake root, wormwood, woodruff, poke root, and rue are beneficial in small amounts and as catalysts, but should not be used alone.

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