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How Red Raspberry Leaf Can Help the Female Body

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By Alyssa Humann, Certified Herbalist


Red Raspberry Leaf tea has become a well-loved women’s health tonic in holistic healing circles, and for good reason!

Red Raspberry Leaf is a plant remedy that has been used for centuries. From ancient Greece to the Indian herbal practice called Ayurveda, it’s regarded as one of the safest and most effective herbal remedies for women.

Modern scientific study has demonstrated that Red Raspberry Leaf can help support a woman’s health during her reproductive years as well as through perimenopause.

Let’s look at how Red Raspberry Leaf works in the body and how to use it in your everyday life.


Overview of Red Raspberry Leaf’s Benefits

Red Raspberry Leaf contains chemical compounds that make it both delicious to eat and beneficial to the body.

The moment Red Raspberry Leaf touches your tongue, you begin to experience its ability to heal. Its tannins make your mouth pucker which activates your digestive system! This astringency led herbalists of old to use Red Raspberry Leaf to help with gastrointestinal  problems like ulcers and diarrhea.

Its bioactive polyphenols help bring down inflammation in the body. This additional healing characteristic paired with its astringency makes Red Raspberry Leaf an absolute charm for sore throats and leaky guts because it tightens internal tissue and stops it from expanding.

As your body processes the herb’s ellagic acid, it bolsters your immune system and fights dangerous free radicals. Free radicals cause chain reactions that can lead to serious disease. This is why you need antioxidant rich remedies to stop that reaction and repair any damage.


Overall, Red Raspberry Leaf has many healing properties, but its two very best uses are 1) as a nutritive herb, and 2) as a supporting nutrient for uterine health.


Red Raspberry Leaf as a nutritive herb

Aside from its chemical and flavorful aspects, Red Raspberry Leaf contains specific vitamins and minerals that make this herb a safe and valuable asset to your wellness regimen.

Red Raspberry Leaf contains a significant amount of calcium which fortifies bones and teeth. This is especially important because women have less bone tissue than men and are more susceptible to bone thinning over time and osteoporosis.

Red Raspberry Leaf is also high in magnesium. This necessary mineral nourishes your nerves and muscles while helping your body make food into energy. It also contains potassium.

Not only does Red Raspberry Leaf make for strong bones and strong muscles, it also fortifies your blood with iron. About 70% of the iron in your body is found in your blood supply. This is a vital mineral responsible for bringing oxygen all around the body.

Red Raspberry Leaf also contains Vitamin A which plays a key role in two important systems of the body: immune response and reproductive health. Vitamin A helps your body defend itself by keeping your white blood cells abundant and healthy.

In addition to immune support, Red Raspberry Leaf also contains Vitamin C which helps your body fight infection. Vitamin C helps your connective tissue stay strong as well.


Red Raspberry Leaf as a uterine tonic

At every stage of her life, Red Raspberry Leaf is an absolute must-have for any woman.

Some swear by its ability to help with menstrual symptoms. Red Raspberry Leaf tea has been used traditionally to stabilize irregular periods, stop cramps, and help with nausea and mood swings.

Due to its astringent nature and ability to strengthen smooth tissues, Red Raspberry Leaf has been studied to benefit uterine health. It helps relieve PMS symptoms and can help make your periods less painful. It also may boost fertility and help your body prepare for pregnancy.

When taken during pregnancy, it has been observed that Red Raspberry Leaf can shorten the duration of labor. It is important to take this remedy at the right time during pregnancy. Most herbalists recommend waiting until you are 32 weeks pregnant and only proceeding with the okay of a doctor or doula.

How does it work? Colloquially speaking, Red Raspberry Leaf gets the womb ready for game day. The uterus is lined with muscle, and just like any muscle you can “work out” and get stronger. Red Raspberry Leaf strengthens those tissues, helping with labor.

After birth, many women continue to keep Red Raspberry Leaf as a part of their routine because it is thought to boost breast milk production. However, there is not yet complete scientific consensus on its ability to do so.

It can reduce birth complications and also help the uterus come back down to its normal size after birth. Some women even make a sitz bath with Red Raspberry Leaves to heal any tears that may have occurred because Red Raspberry Leaf is soothing to skin.

Even after childbearing years, Red Raspberry Leaf is still helpful. When transitioning into perimenopause, its cooling nature is thought to help with hot flashes and to balance the fluctuation in hormones that cause issues like lower libido and vaginal dryness.


Get your Red Raspberry Leaf!

If you’re now thinking you might need a little Red Raspberry Leaf in your diet, there’s an easy way to add it. This safe but powerful herb is one of the main ingredients in three top-selling Crystal Star formulas for women, including:

  • Female Harmony (Pre-period — PMS support for cramps, bloating, and mood)
  • Women’s Best Friend (During period — Menstrual support for discomfort, irregularity, and maintaining muscle strength)
  • Fibro Defense (Between period support for healthy breast & uterine tissue, including help for issues with fibroids or endometriosis)


There’s also Estro-G Balance, which does not contain Red Raspberry Leaf, but does contain 17 balanced herbs to support hormone health and soothe symptoms of menopause.

Safe, natural, tested. Women have used Red Raspberry Leaf as a part of their wellness routines for centuries. And today, this herb is easier to find and more convenient to take than ever before.


Alyssa Humann (CH) is a practicing Certified Herbalist and earned her certification at the Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine, an American Herbalist Guild member school. She is a published essayist who’s been featured on HerbMentor, and a copy editor with Nick Polizzi at The Sacred Science. Alyssa specializes in one-on-one client consultations to create holistic health kits tailored to each person’s unique situation. She is passionate about science-based herbal medicine and sharing well-studied and validated health information in practical, hands-on ways.


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