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Alyssa Humann CH

Alyssa Humann CH

Certified Herbalist

Alyssa Humann, CH became a certified herbalist through the Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine. She is a published essayist who’s been featured on HerbMentor and a copyeditor with Nick Polizzi at the Sacred Science. Alyssa is passionate about bringing plant medicine back to the people through education and relationships. She is a small business owner in Portland, OR where she makes rebalancing, custom holistic healing kits that fit each client’s unique situation and bioavailability.

Alyssa Humann is a certified herbalist and small business owner based in Portland, OR. She earned her certification from the Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine, an American Herbalist Guild member school. She owns and operates an online apothecary where she crafts herbal remedies for everyday ailments. Alyssa specializes in one-on-one client consultations to create holistic health kits tailored to each person’s unique situation. She is passionate about science-based herbal medicine and spreading well-studied and validated information in practical, hands-on ways.

Alyssa is also a published essayist who has been featured on HerbMentor, Rosalee De la Foret’s online herbal education site, and a copyeditor for Nick Polizzi at the Sacred Science.