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Your Holistic Health and Wellness Path Starts Here

Crystal Star began in 1978 with cutting-edge formulas based on ancient principles. Over the past 41 years, our herbal blends have earned the trust of health food stores and wellness practitioners across the country and we’re so grateful for the thousands of loyal, happy, and knowledge-seeking customers who support us. 

Our approach to holistic health and wellness begins with the belief that whole ingredients have the power to heal the whole person. Each blend we create combines the highest quality herbs and nutrients into powerful and gentle support for your mind and body.


All Natural Supplements for Women and Men’s Health

Our natural supplements pack powerful benefits in gentle formulas. Before beginning a wellness program, consult with a healthcare professional. To learn more about our ingredients, contact us.

Formulating Our Natural Supplement Blends

About Crystal Star 2

Primary Herbs (50%)

Work to support health and address main concerns.

About Crystal Star 3

Secondary Herbs (25%)

Support the primary herbs and address secondary concerns.

About Crystal Star 4

Catalysts & Transporters (15%)

Deliver the action of the primary herbs and increase absorption, assimilation and effectiveness of the formula.

About Crystal Star 5

Complementary Herbs (10%)

Help balance acid and alkaline levels.

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If you’re curious about starting a holistic wellness program or looking to take the next step in your journey to better health, visit our online shop to browse our selection of herbal supplements for women and men’s health.

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**The products, service and advice contained here are intended solely for informational and educational purposes and not as medical advice.  Please consult a medical professional if you have questions about your medical health.**